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Recent blog posts


Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today’s post, “Why Producing How-to Videos Matter,” discusses the impact of how-to videos in the marketplace and why producing them as a leading addition to content marketing strategies, makes a huge difference. Today, marketing and the consequent buzz of content marketing in all its forms, from social media posts, to email campaigns, to website and blog content, and yes of course to videos, is probably stuff you’ve all heard before.

The impact arc of videos as a content marketing tool is not exactly news, however, when you are tasked with increasing engagement numbers using video content, it becomes critical to understand what type of videos are most likely to draw the highest user views.

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Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today’s post, “The State of Marketing Confidence in 2017,” uncovers numbers behind marketing and marketers’ confidence levels in the first quarter of 2017. Typically, marketers’ confidence levels and budgeting spends paint not only marketing spending by medium numbers, but also assesses consumer confidence and spending levels. Major brands are the focus of such reports, however, small businesses should use these results as a barometer for their own marketing plans and budgets.

A major highlight gleaned from these reports is that marketers and brands have continued to significantly invest in digital advertising, in spite of pulling away from Google due to the scathing investigative report issued by the New York Times.

Concurrent with the demise of Fox’s top cable news anchor, Bill O’Reilly,’s alleged unsavory claims of sexual harassment, and resulting in the consequential 50 major brands’ advertising dollar pullout, likewise, the Google misadventure looms equally as devastating in the advertising departure revenue of major brands.

The Google Debacle

The burgeoning holistic attitude of the 21st century appears to be taking hostages and laying claim to the demise of people and organizations publishing unsavory and extremist content. This publishing practice is rapidly proving to be a double edged sword.

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Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today’s post, “Plan Your Social Media Marketing Around Social Media Holiday Celebrations,” discloses a Social Media Holiday Calendar example highlighting social media events by day, that your brand or marketing department can use to target social media areas of interest. We previously posted our seasonal marketing strategy calendars, which by and large, are based on major traditional events and celebrations, including industry benchmarks.

The social media calendar is somewhat different in that there are a host of events and celebrations which are more targeted and provide possibilities to engage in areas where users and groups are conversing in. Thus, when planning your marketing calendar strategy, we contend that merging both the traditional seasonal marketing calendar by industry benchmarks, along with your selection of dates and topics from the social media holiday event calendar, that resulting merged marketing calendar will provide a more comprehensive approach in defining your overall marketing campaign strategy.

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Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today’s post, “How Fake News is Affecting Brands and Advertisers,” uncovers several real world metrics that highlight new challenges media and news agencies are now confronted with, including the consequent fallout of advertiser and brand erosion.

Fake news for one, is the new term either coined by, or introduced by the 2016 presidential candidate, now turned President of the Untied States, Donald Trump. While fake news or something akin to “fake news” may have been in the news media and social media constructs for years, fake news has now become an integral part of the overall news and media landscape, and as a result, media agencies, advertisers and brands are now fraught with new challenges of navigating where and how they need to rethink and deploy marketing strategies.

Before we get to the fake news metrics and the fallout fake news is having upon the advertising community, let’s look at the fallout of a real news story that is affecting a particular news outlet and consequently, the advertisers that supported a program produced on that news outlet.

Recent news broke about a Fox news host, Bill O’Reilly being accused of sexual harassment, and was supported by the fact that Mr. O’Reilly had recently paid more than $13 million to various accusers over the past few years. Meanwhile, Mr. O’Reilly continues to defend his position stating that these women target his position and wealth and that he merely settled to avoid further fallout and the impact these claims would have on his children.  Nonetheless, the resulting advertiser fallout was instantaneously felt as ad revenue significantly dropped from the Fox News Network.

That said, that was real news! So, what effects do you think are in store for brands and advertisers that either knowingly or inadvertently decide to advertise on mediums that are or will be considered fake news outlets?

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