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Recent blog posts


Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today’s post, “Teens Prefer Print Over Digital” uncovers a shocking new realization in that teens actually prefer physical books to digital ones.

Obviously, based on these new findings, physical comic books would be a good bet if you are looking to publish comic books and are torn between printing physical or online-eBooks, particularly if your target is the teen market, ages 12 to 16.  If your budget is big enough, maybe you can opt to publish both the physical and the eBook versions. Printed books are in many cases considered not only works of literary art, but also deemed to be works of visual art as well.

This new finding from Melbourne’s Deakin University and Perth’s Murdoch University joint study has direct implications of why “Print as an Art Medium” has been trending up in Google index search results to the tune of 100%+ increases. Could the teen market be considered an integral reason pointing to the rise found in Google search index trend results on Print as an Art Medium?

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Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today’s post, “Latest B2B Trends” focuses on B2B strategies that will dominate 2017. Forrester Research, among other notable data and research firms, have been conducting surveys on B2B Trends and finally this year, Internet sales have greatly outpaced brick and mortar establishments.

In the not too distant past, marketing experts were predicting that online sales would eclipse brick and mortar sales and that day has arrived. ABC and NBC news have already reported that Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales have been transformed from a pin prick competitive nuisance to the bold new commander, leading the sales pyramid.

What does online sales have to do with B2B Trends? Plenty. According to Forrester Research, together with Internet Retailer, have disclosed that “59% of B2B buyers and sellers prefer not to interact with a sales rep and 74% find buying from a website more convenient.” Now that’s a trend for ya!

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Welcome to the Dove Direct Marketing Blog. This week’s post features, “How to Create a Print and Digital Marketing Campaign” in an effort to learn how to simultaneously join both printed collateral with digital content marketing pieces, into a single campaign strategy. Digital marketers are increasingly embracing the idea of accentuating their digital campaigns by adding printed collateral. The idea is simple enough, brand reinforcement is extended when advertising messaging covers a mix of mediums.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Conventional marketing wisdom conveyed the fear that print would die very quickly with the onset of the digital universe which rapidly gained marketing momentum over the last 8 years. Not so fast blade runners! Let’s not forget the main reason why marketing exists in the first place, i.e., the bottom line…increased ROI. And that said, like a sporting event or concert, the success of the event is tied to how many butts are in the seats. In the marketing campaign world, the evidence of a successful marketing initiative is measured by the sales numbers.

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Welcome to the Dove Direct Marketing Blog. This week we will present 2017 Seasonal Marketing Strategies, 1st and 2nd Quarters, which can serve as a marketing blueprint to create customer behavioral strategies. B2B and B2C buying patterns for the most part, follow an established norm, therefore it makes good sense to create basic marketing strategies with the idea of being able to take advantage of pre-existing buying behaviors.

Here's wishing you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Season! That said, starting with Thanksgivings' holiday season kickoff, to the end of year is a great time to begin drafting your 2017 marketing strategies.

Many marketing experts and agencies alike believe that sales are generated in part by market conditions combined with seasonal consumer mindsets. Sometimes a product or service offering may not be well received by the intended target market at a particular time, so businesses need to use seasonal marketing tactics to better ensure that their product or service sales messaging results will increase the likelihood of success.

Getting a handle on the monthly consumer calendar mindset is the starting point. This is the first step in the process of creating a seasonal marketing strategy. Typically, year-round sales opportunities generally have remained consistent year over year and the buying public is already conditioned to certain seasonal mindset purchase behaviors.

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