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Delivering powerful messaging creates winning candidates!  Political marketing strategies have come of age and are on par with commercial marketing.  To be effective and break through the noise, you need a combination of direct mail, email, social media, dedicated landing pages, pre-roll commercials and retargeting to the same constituents until the final vote is cast.

With Dove Direct’s cutting edge technologies, your direct mail marketing efforts will reach the right people at the right time.  Our endless array of mailing lists can be customized, maintained and updated for complete list management. We also provide a full range of Lettershop and Fulfillment Services, as well as, a certified in-house USPS clerk.  These services save you time, resources and money when you allow Dove Direct to create, sort and deliver personalized messages to your constituents.

Dove Direct Integrated Business Solutions include:

  • Direct Mail
  • Short Runs
  • Barcode Presort

  • List Management
  • Database Management
  • Lettershop and Fulfillment
  • Variable Digital Printing
  • Special Services Marketing
  • Political Education Outreach
  • Political Awareness Campaigns
  • Secure Data Lifecycle Management
  • On-Site USPS® Certified Mail Clerk
  • Branding and Awareness Campaigns
  • Turnkey Multi-/Omni-channel Support

Contact Dove Direct to help you elevate your causes, lower costs and reach more constituents. You can chat now with a Dove Direct Sales Representative at (404)-629-0122, or Contact Us to assist you in finding the right solutions.

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Save On Postage

Save On Postage

Our on-site USPS clerk reduces mail costs, time, money and resources.

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Production Support

Production Support

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Marketing Support

Your Data is Secure

Your Data is Secure

Our data security begins at the point of inception across multiple technologies

Secure Data Lifecycle

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