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    Masters of Mail

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    Personalized Mail Delivered

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Mailing Services

Dove Direct is certified by the United States Postal Service (USPS®) as a fully automated MLOCR Presort Bureau.  We can reduce your overall costs while ensuring that your mailings are fast, accurate and reliable.  That’s because of our superior knowledge of postal regulations and mail preparation.

In addition to postal savings, we can offer USPS®-verified addresses, improved delivery times, mail tracking and confirmation.  Whether you need automated or manual processing, our experienced team can provide custom flexibility and savings.

Do you need domestic or international delivery for time-sensitive letters, documents, or merchandise?  Do you have a question or a problem?  Call a Dove Direct Sales Rep at (404) 629-0122, or use our Contact Us form so that we may assist you.

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We can provide a variety of mail service classes and postage rates based on your mail projects.

Our Unique Capabilities and Benefits include:

  • Act-Tag System
  • Airmail Reservation System
  • Hi-Speed Intelligent Inserter
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)
  • On-site USPS Representative
  • Automated Bar-coded Presorting
  • Fully Automated USPS Certified Mailer
  • Continuous Run Sorting Variable Weights
Our range of services allows you to choose the level of mail preparation that works for you.
Barcode Presorting (Full Service)
Barcode Presorting saves you money on fully addressed mailings using the latest technology to ensure delivery to the right person, at the right time, at the lowest cost
Delivery Verification
National and International Mail and Track are two services we offer to verify delivery of your mail

With 52,000 square feet of storage space, Dove Direct is ideal for companies that need to outsource storage and handling

International Mailings
Take advantage of our cost-effective services including volume based pricing, regulation packaging, scheduled pick-ups, and aviation security

Direct Mail Marketing
This class of mail means economical, on-time delivery for all your flyers, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals
If you need mailing services designed to help you get the most out of your business communications call 404.629.0122, or Contact Us today.

Did You Know That Total Delivery Routes Have Increased?

Our USPS Services ensure delivery to nearly 159 million addresses in the United States. (Routes in 000's)

Direct Mail Marketing

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Create, Output, Sort and Deliver It!

From Creation to Destination, We Move Your Messages Forward

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