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Reaching Buyers and Sellers

Increased mortgage rates coupled with economic uncertainty may make the real estate market more challenging in the coming quarters.  However, the good news is that new home construction is set to increase by 8%, millennials are shopping with an average budget of $88,000, and boomers are looking to downsize their homes.

As a leader in direct marketing communications, Dove Direct recognizes that potential buyers can be reluctant; however, our data management and variable data printing competencies can help you reach the right prospects at the right time.  Homebuilders, buyers, sellers, real estate brokers, and agents, can all effectively be reached with direct mail marketing.

Why?  Direct mail is trusted, personal and proven to drive buyers to online destinations, but only after receiving and reading a personalized invitation to do so!  Further, by engaging Dove Direct, you’ll save money on postage, delivery and handling through our Certified Fully Automated MLOCR Bureau and onsite USPS® mail clerk.  If your collateral is unique, no problem, our Lettershop and Fulfillment Division is there to assist you with the most complex mailing.

Dove Direct Integrated Business Solutions include:

  • Direct Mail
  • Barcode Presort
  • Short Run Capability

  • Large Format Printing
  • Variable Digital Printing
  • Real Estate Notifications
  • Special Events Marketing
  • Lettershop and Fulfillment
  • Real Estate Education Outreach
  • Real Estate Awareness Campaigns
  • In-House Certified USPS® Mail Clerk
  • NCOA - (National Change of Address)

The real estate environment is continually evolving and is dependent upon many factors.  Enlist Dove Direct to help you reduce your cost pressures and reach more people via personalization. You can chat now with a Dove Direct Sales Representative at (404)-629-0122, or Contact Us to assist you in finding the right solutions.

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