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Dealing with the Covid-19 Whirlwind


Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Dealing with the Covid-19 Whirlwind," speaks to strategic business changes afoot in the wake of an unrelenting pandemic that appears to be ramping up with new variants that continue to emerge.  Recently, the South African strain merged with a California strain, thereby creating yet another new variant.  In the wake of these new COVID-19 developments, business and marketing managers will have no choice but to adapt strategies throughout this period.  Human behavior is taking a beating from Covid.

We're so accustomed to engaging and thriving through live face-to-face interactions that we find ourselves suffering, possibly lonely, and certainly yearning for a more normal existence.  Skype and Zoom offer an easy-to-use platform for substituting live, physical human interaction with digital visual communications. Online communication appears to be helpful to a degree.  However, in an earlier post, we contend that business and marketing efforts suffered and excelled simultaneously, much as we did in the aftermath of 911.  Then, many iconic brands chose to go dark with their advertising efforts, and conversely, a small number of brands decided to continue their marketing.  You should note that those that chose to continue eclipsed the marketshare over those that went dark. Therefore, the takeaway lessons from disasters, both human-made and natural, are to keep marketing and advertising and look for creative solutions to apply to a very different new normal.

Our Quote of the Day: "Take off your bedroom slippers.  Put on your marching shoes,' he said, his voice rising as applause and cheers mounted.  'Shake it off.  Stop complainin'.  Stop grumblin'.  Stop cryin'.  We are going to press on.  We have work to do."
- Barack Obama

The Uplers Survey Report

As we learned from the marketing decisions after 911, it came down to "out of sight, out of mind," meaning that if folks can't see you, they will forget about you.  That said, it is even more critical during this pandemic that brands ensure they are being seen and heard.  The Uplers survey report entitled "The Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Agencies," stated that 90% of agencies saw an increase in leads that were associated with active spending via multiple channels.  As a result, the respondents of the survey indicated they are recommending the following tactics:

  • 35% - Pivot to new marketing strategies
  • 34% - Increase investment in digital marketing
  • 24% - Pivot to new channels
  • 05% - Other
  • 02% - Decrease investment in digital marketing

Covid-19 Evolving and Forcing New Changes

It is undisputed that the effects of Covid have changed the landscape and, as a result, have presented the marketing world with new challenges.  Areas that once held top priority and relevance have been rendered moot, and new areas have arisen to replace the time-honored approach to effective marketing tactics and strategies.

Changes are happening at breakneck speed and will continue for the foreseeable future.  As many marketers have stated, it is a certifiable statement to suggest that things will never be the same, or at best, never quite the same as previously thought.

These changes could be a significant contributor to a new world order when it comes to marketing.  As a result of these changes, attitudes are also changing, which creates novel opportunities and trends.  That said, the Forbes Business Council reported on some of the trends they recently put forth:

  • Renewed Emphasis on Digital - Technology and digital allowed us to remain connected while continuing to social distance

  • Protection and Prevention - Folks will be extra cautious moving forward, even returning to work. Take extra care when it comes to operations and interactions

  • Thinking Ahead - Strategies developed and implemented during the pandemic will continue throughout the "new normal"
  • Remote Options - Work-from-home trends will be sticking around for days and months to come, and many businesses are opting to go completely remote or adopt a hybrid model
  • Digital Communication - Zoom and Skype will continue to be the options to gather and meet

  • Change Continues - The only thing that's certain is that change is inevitable, so be ready for anything

Print's Value Increases Exponentially

The value of print marketing has increased exponentially.  It is easier to reach and market to people, especially in their homes.  With the "all things digital" mantra growing in stature along with digital traffic, the effect has been an overwhelming amount of email marketing blasts that, for some, now eclipse typical email distribution rates.  Streaming providers and profits have skyrocketed as a result of the pandemic as well.  Their numbers result from people staying home and communicating via social media or binge-watching television and cable shows.  These digital offerings are all vying for the attention of a stay-at-home workforce that also spends much of their time online completing office work.

One of the critical reasons more direct mail pieces are showing up is because direct mail marketing is the most efficient method to guarantee that the marketing targets will see and read the communication messages.  Insofar as ensuring that digital messaging offers are seen and read, direct mail marketing often contains QR codes or calls-to-action that lead consumers to those digital destinations where they can engage and respond to brand offers.  Further, when it comes to engagement with direct mail, 73% of consumers prefer direct mail for brand communications to other tactics.  That stat alone elevates print's value significantly.

The Tactile Feel of Print

Beyond the visuals, graphics, and personalization you get and control with print, there is the incredible feeling of paper when done right.  It's one thing to view an offer online, but a very different experience to hold a direct mail piece in your hands, in the real world, where textures, paper types, inks, and die-cuts take hold and produce imagery that moves the senses, in ways digital cannot match.

The Net-Net

As Covid-19 continues to evolve, we all must be diligent and watchful.  Not only from a health view but also possibly just as important to remain focused on changing consumer behavior and trends as they develop.  Marketing and communications will also evolve according to what's taking place on the ground.  Organizations must manage change because nothing is static right now.  The targets and goals are moving, and businesses will need to proceed with the changes.  Our ingenuity and perseverance will serve us well.  We have to remain diligent while staying safe and abiding by the recommendations of the medical community.  Thanks for reading "Dealing with the Covid-19 Whirlwind," and we hope you enjoyed this post.

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