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Digital Printing's Process and Benefits


Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Digital Printing's Process and Benefits," underscores the value of the digital printing process and reaffirms why this form of marketing provides benefits and uplifts engagement rates for all digital destinations.  With a new decade underway, 2021 will enjoy further digital improvements from the IoT (Internet of Things) to everyday devices that drive outreach efforts.  Most importantly, print's technological capabilities enable consumers and marketers to keep pace with digital advances currently underway.  As we face the ramifications of new Covid-19 mutations, we could enter into another slowdown or complete lockdown, thus putting more pressure on internet networks lurching under the strain of millions working and learning from home.  In this light, we view the benefits of digital print, especially its ability to increase engagement and response levels for digital destinations. As the nation celebrates Black History Month, we hope you take time to reflect on African-Americans' contributions since 1619.

Our Quote of the Day: 
"These are exhausting times to be an American, even more exhausting times to be a Black American." - Nikole Hannah-Jones

What Encompasses Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a process whereby one can print from digital-based images directly onto a variety of media.  Typically, digital printing consists of professional printing tasks that include small/short-run jobs emanating via desktop publishing and other digital sources that require large-format, high-volume laser or inkjet printers. 

The Differences Between Offset and Digital Printing

Offset printing involves a method whereby etched metal plates apply ink onto a sheet of paper.  The offset printing setup requires considerably more time and is more expensive than digital printing.  Conversely, digital printing employs electrostatic rollers, namely "drums," as the resource that applies toner onto the paper.

Types of Digital Printing

Digital printing comes in many formats and machines.  These include production printing presses such as continuous feed printers, sheet-fed production printers, cut-sheet digital presses, and production inkjet printers.  If your head is spinning, do not worry, as your commercial printer is well-versed in the multiple forms of digital presses and can help you determine the method that would be suitable for any project.

The Advantages and Benefits of Digital Printing

It is nearly impossible to ignore the advantages and benefits that digital printing brings to bear.
The following is a shortlist of these advantages and benefits:

  • Full color with various possibilities for maximum color and gradation print
  • Reduced color matching time
  • Small volume production
  • Low-cost savings
  • High value add
  • Quick delivery full-color print occurs in a single process avoiding plates
  • Short Runs (quick availability for more runs)
  • Friendly to the environment

Direct Mail Marketing and Digital Printing 

Digital printing is the engine behind variable digital/data printing's success with personalization.  Big Data has taken over the marketing industry enabling data capture and management for more precise target marketing.  Once the data is analyzed and categorized, those data points can be fed to a digital press, which can then print collateral by individual pieces or groups of elements according to the category. 

 VDP (variable digital/data printing) enables personalized direct mail marketing, right down to the colors, messaging, layout, graphics, and calls-to-action for either individuals or groups of individuals.  It is exceptionally cost-effective in terms of personal custom outreach.

Digital Printing Uses Files

Another benefit of digital printing is re-printing short runs based on the digital files from the original job. Short-runs support the marketers' ability to call up additional short runs as needed for any direct mail marketing campaign.   Further, any changes that may be necessary for an offer, a call-to-action, or any other element, can be made to the files and the job run.

VDP Cuts Through the Clutter

How does a marketing organization cut through the digital clutter created by multiple digital destinations, including social media, blogs, videos, and emails?  In, 2019 more than 293 billion emails were sent daily, along with more than 3 million daily blog posts and somewhere around 5 billion video views per day. Due to the effects of the pandemic, those numbers for 2020 and going into 2021 are more than likely much higher.  Social media interactions are also in the billions.  The most efficient way to cut through this clutter and ensure that your message is received, read, and responded to is to send your contact a personal marketing piece.

As an example, Xfinity subscribers received a January 2020 direct mail piece best described as a three-page postcard/brochure, outlining their latest offer for the new year.  It is essential to keep in mind that Xfinity is a digital-based company that offers internet/wifi, mobile phone subscriptions, online streaming, television programming, movies, and more.

Yet, Xfinity chose to begin the 2020 new year with a direct mail marketing piece!  Why? Like Google, Xfinity understands that a target who receives a direct mail piece in a clutter-free environment will likely read and act upon the offer, including the option to go to an online destination and carry out a call-to-action. 

Digital Printing technology is the most efficient and productive tool that serves as the backbone for any Direct Mail Marketing strategies.  As this article points out, even iconic digital brands invest in direct mail marketing. 

The Net-Net

Digital printing technologies will also improve over the course of 2021.  To that end, small businesses and enterprise-sized organizations will depend on direct mail marketing tactics as part of the broader marketing strategy.  It will be the differentiator for those marketing in 2021.  We look forward to a full new year with plenty of opportunities for all.  May you enjoy a successful, productive, and prosperous new year. Thanks for reading "Digital Printing's Process and Benefits."

Let's have a conversation about integrated business solutions and how they can help grow your business, change behavior, and improve the customer experience.  Let us show you how to improve your document processes to optimize your workflow, reduce your costs, and maximize your organization's printing, letter shop, and mailing capabilities. Dove Direct does have an official USPS certified bureau located within our offices that will save you time and money. We can even create a demo file for you.

For more information, call Carla Eubanks at 404-629-0122 or email Carla at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Dove Direct, your Atlanta based print and mail solutions provider, offers organizations end-to-end data, printing, and mailing solutions:

  • Data Management

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