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"Google Trends Leading into 2022"

Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Google Trends Leading into 2022," provides an interesting barometer for those who want to understand or are grappling with the predictive search trends for 2022. It is essential to keep in mind that trends are rarely stand-alone events; instead, trend lines will either increase, decrease, or remain flat over time. Also, keep in mind when solidifying marketing strategies include other behavioral trends compiled by a host of data survey reports by agencies, data mining organizations, and specific industry analyst providers, including economic and weather analysts. We contend that this effort presents a ton of material to sift through; however, in the case of best practices, it is well worth the time and resources spent, as structuring effective plans as close to best available data as possible, will yield better results for both the short and long term strategies.

Our Quote of the Day: 
"Our approach to economic development must be modern, focused and in tune with the global trend." Ibrahim Babangida

People Were Especially Generous in 2021
People were more giving throughout 2021. 2021 was also a very challenging year with the pandemic conditions that drove the economy downwards, impacting job security, and as a result, more people needed help. These unprecedented challenges resonated, leading to a spirit of giving with people willing to pitch in and help. Google states that in 2021, there were more than 100% year-over-year search increases for "donation centers near me," which also included food donations.

The holistic approach and purpose-driven goals that consumers demand from brands can have a lasting impact on the bottom line. More people now measure a brand by its performance, how it executes changes, and the ways it works to improve the greater good.

The Job Market 2021
2021 altered the job market search. While some may believe that job losses were the driver, that assumption has been laid to rest. One only needs to point out that the job market was affected by employees deciding to ditch the corporation in search of working environments that they prefer. Having a happy work environment became a top priority for many. Google reported a 60% jump in "how to write a resignation letter" searches between April and June.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, more than 4 million Americans voluntarily left their jobs in July 2021. Hence the term "The Great Resignation" has become a phenomenon. However, beyond the significant job exodus were the number of people who sold stock, leading to another moniker that many described as a "Great Reevaluation."

All in all, the resignation road delivered a historical level of jobs available to the tune of 10.9 million and counting, according to Harvard Business Review. In 2022, expect capturing and retaining talent with better pay and additional job perks to lead employment trends.

Changing Priorities
When you consider Google Trends, search data offers a bevy of insights depicting evolving priorities, divergent cultural interests, and behavioral habits that demonstrate a lasting propensity over time. This insight can aid marketers' determination as to what will come.

A singular approach for brands to utilize going forward will be promoting reassurance by increasing communications and assuring safety protocols.  Another method should provide people with complete information to help them make decisions, including risk assessment.  Brand vision and sharing that vision with customers and prospects helps the likelihood that people will be inspired to achieve the reality they crave.

Google states that 2021 found many people searching the term "how to heal?" With all the challenges dealing with mental health, reuniting with family members, or losing loved ones, folks were dedicated to discovering ways to emerge in a stronger position than before.

The Net-Net

Google search results and the trends extracted from those inquiries are yet another forecasting model to consider among the troves of data available to analyze.   Depending on your industry, some may not be applicable for your business model; however, there is enough data in place to help make better-informed decisions for 2022 marketing strategy and tactics.  We implore you to explore these search trends as you navigate what lies ahead for 2022. Thanks for reading "Google Trends Leading into 2022!"

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