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Top Print Marketing Trends for 2020

Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Top Print Marketing Trends for 2020," highlights several trends that will impact marketers during the year. Marketers and brands are continuously challenged to stay abreast of new marketing trends, and this year is no exception. Furthermore, marketing departments may need to adjust their tactics to garner interest and engagement from the right audiences as the marketplace is in a state of flux.

In 2020, marketers will need to align tactics and strategies with the trends for each medium. While trends may overlap from medium to medium, and in some cases may appear to be in lockstep with each other, make no mistake when you look below the surface, those trends can prove to be quite divergent from medium to medium. Not only is the medium critical, but how users use that medium and how the medium can help to attain marketers' goals are all points for consideration.

Personalization via Subscription Data

As prospects and customers complete online forms or provide information at a trade show or convention, the opportunity to gather data is a given. Moreover, brands are keenly aware that people, in general, resist sharing personal information. To overcome the general reluctance to share information, marketers continue to find creative ways to make the interaction more personal. For example, the inclusion of birthday data on a form supports direct mail birthday collateral; or asking for industry-specific information that leads to targeted messaging tactics that include specific products, solutions, or services. Either way, the goal will be to gather as much information as possible to market to the customer base.

Live chat also provides an excellent mechanism to capture and add verified personalized data to the marketing plan. Expect more live chat apps on websites in 2020. This direct communication technique happens in real-time and has proven to be a useful capture tool. Studies have shown that people who engage via live chat have demonstrated a higher propensity to share their challenges, ask more in-depth questions, and engage on the spot.

Personalized direct mail marketing has proven to be far more effective than generic mailers. People show a greater interest in personalized marketing collateral. When personalized direct mail marketing is used judiciously, and not in an overbearing manner, the response rates soar.
As for the digital marketing skeptics, personalized direct mail marketing has proven to be the difference-maker when it comes to directing targets to digital destinations. Direct mail marketing can be more efficient than digital marketing.

Personalizing Target Publications

Lest we forget, "Personalization" was the marketing word of 2019. The art of personalization will continue well into 2020. In short, personalization converts prospects into paying customers.  When it comes to printed publications, a floating misnomer states that the communication must include the recipient's name. That's not precisely correct. How many times have you picked up a publication only to become frustrated that it failed to contain what you were researching?

As a result, many of these niche marketing publications find their way into the trash bin. Conversely, since there are so many niche demographics, it would make sense to create niche publications, smaller in content and size, with more specific data, that impel engagement from niche audiences. When a potential customer can acquire content that is meaningful to them, the odds are greater that the brand will benefit from more new business. Additionally, this process becomes more efficient with short runs containing the right content for each group of recipients.

The Customer Endorsement

The biggest challenge brands face involves proving value out of the gate. In the days of old, brands would stand on the mountain or tower and pound their chests and scream how great they are, and because of their greatness, people should buy their products. That all changed in 2019. The mantra today is, "If you know me well enough, you already know what I need and want."  Brands need customers to be like family. Family members are great at sharing the value of products and services with their family and friends. In the marketing world, the brands" families" are customers, who like family members, are well versed in the value of the product, service, or solution.

In 2020, customer success stories and case study outcomes will play an even more pivotal role. These real-life success brand experiences are exactly what brands want to share. They also add a value dimension that can lead to new business sale conversions.

Brands should view this trend as a new opportunity and marketing strategy to create campaigns based solely on customer success stories and case studies that move the needle. This is relatively easy to comprehend. For example, if you are targeting the healthcare industry, then create a marketing success story tactic that is relevant to healthcare professionals. An efficient method to achieve a foothold with this trend involves using postcards or small pamphlet direct mail marketing campaigns.

Colors, Textures, and Paper Types

Your direct mail marketing collateral needn't be subjected to a small generic list of print collateral types. 2020 is set to take off with the variety of print tools and formats, such as glossy, matte, embossing variables, card stock sizes, various textures such as velvet, and the list goes on. Also, multiple types of die-cut solutions are available, including packaging ideas. The proper use of colors, textures, paper, and of course, the messaging all play a huge role in getting your brand to stand out.

The choices are unlimited. Would you rather mail a generic card stock, that includes an embossed bold personalized name, or an eye-soothing soft velvet scheme surrounded by calming, meditative colors?  Direct mail marketing now offers a plethora of technologies that can improve the look and feel of direct mail marketing collateral. Be on the lookout for new paper types, new Pantone color choices, fresh textures, and other unique offerings as they come to fruition throughout 2020.

The Net-Net

2020 is set to bring more print and marketing tools to the forefront of print marketing. That said, the most important trend to take advantage of now will be how the brand effectively collects and uses personalized data points to engage prospects and customers better.  We trust that you are ready to execute, and thanks for reading the "Top Print Marketing Trends for 2020"!

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