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Why You Can't Duplicate The Power of Print

Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Why You Can't Duplicate The Power of Print," examines the validity and strength of print while recognizing the downward trajectory of digital. Yes, digital provides quick, short-term bursts, albeit with life spans that quickly diminish due to scrolling. 

For brands that opt to forgo long-term brand-building marketing strategies, preferring short-term digital tactics instead, find that the brand will have great difficulty creating brand equity and, for that matter, long-term returns.

Our Quote of the Day: — "In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute." — Thurgood Marshall, US Supreme Court 
Short term sales are a part of most business strategies; however, it is brand equity that raises the bar for future purchases and long-term viability. According to Helen Bazuaye, global editor in chief of IKEA magazine, "We were told repeatedly print is dead, plus it's expensive. Digital natives want stuff for free, so print is always going to be and seem a lot more expensive than a digital alternative. Digital can produce cheap, quick results. However, we're approaching the tipping point where mistrust and familiarity with digital are beginning to blunt its effectiveness."

The Power of Print

While many marketers and brands acknowledge that print does not represent the top vector for large scale marketing, a reexamination of print's role in advertising and marketing campaigns is often under consideration. Print continues to offer strategic embedding of QR codes, cover wraps, and smart executions that allure prospects through sensory, tactile engagements.  

Print is also able to provide marketers and advertisers with the ability to design outstanding creative. For example, Ikea produced an ad that required special treatment so that the advertisement could act as an accurate pregnancy test. The Ikea example represents a truly unique print advertisement tactic that cannot be replicated in any other format. 

Flora Kessler, a strategy partner at Carat UK, added, "There's an element of creativity in print that you don't always see in digital. So much budget devoted to digital can soak up the creativity along the way. How do we bring the two together on a consumer journey? We've done a lot of work with Cadbury crème eggs that have crossed the boundaries of print and digital." 

Another example is the KCF, 'FCK,' campaign that served as an apology strategy starting with print and subsequently transitioning to digital—demonstrating that a successful, well-executed print campaign can lead the initiative before a digital addition.

Conversely, we also contend that some product marketing efforts need not be led by print with groundbreaking creative. Products that fall into the staples category are sold based on everyday needs and have the propensity to sell themselves based on reputation and experience.

The Limitations of Digital

For the record, digital marketing is not going anywhere. It is a useful marketing tool for positioning in social media, blog posts, email, video, and the like. However, the sheer number of digital marketing assets that you must deploy to be competitive produces an unwieldy atmosphere that makes it difficult to achieve mass reach.

As a result, multichannel and omnichannel distribution models have entered the fray. As more marketers make the jump from a single channel to a multi/omnichannel strategy, opportunities arise for print and digital to complement each other. To quote a DRUM article, "I think we're being naïve to say that print can absolutely deliver things digital can't. That said, innovation doesn't always have to be digital; it's about being brave and finding the right role for print in the omnichannel mix. It's not a binary decision, so there's no point it speaking in those terms, 'print is better' here and so on." As recent reports suggest, brands will experience increased brand lift by opting to leave the single-channel mentality.

Measurement and Value

Digital, in part, is sold as a measurement tool that provides advertising and marketing accountability. On the other hand, print advertising has demonstrated for centuries that its value is easily understood and is straightforward. Row Draper, head of print media at The Specialist Works, states: "The empirical data exists to prove print ROI to clients. We need to get more serious about selling print on those terms."

The Net-Net

One of the most effective and valuable marketing tactics is print. While effective on its own, the role print plays in a multifold media mix can result in higher response rates. In the age of disinformation, fake accounts, and data breaches, print will top the list as the medium that one can trust, and that provides excellent value. Meanwhile, if digital continues to be a challenge, we can almost guarantee that print will become more powerful and more effective while generating the highest response rate over all other mediums combined. We hope we've given you information as to why print should be a part of the marketing strategy. Thanks for reading "Why You Can't Duplicate The Power of Print."

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