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Direct Mail & the State of the Electorate


Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Direct Mail & the State of the Electorate," details the morphing of a new electorate that is diverse, young, and the most engaged voting population, possibly in history.  With less than 30 days until election day, folks are being bombarded by all things digital, including millions in local and national television advertising.  This post unveils both cautionary and surprising new trends, such as memes and their impact on elections. Memes are nothing new in the world of IoT.   However, new 'political' memes are popping up by the millions, with the most notable of late being the infamous "Fly."  For lack of a better nomenclature, Mr. Fly found a nesting place atop VP Mike Pence's hair for more than two minutes during the nation's only vice presidential debate with Sen. Kamala Harris.  Memes are one way for brands to break through the digital clutter.  Many brands are utilizing digital marketing strategies to reach millions of stay-at-home voters.  Voters encamped within the safety bunkers of their homes that many brands and marketers believe are tethered to the internet.  However, according to reports by eMarketer, the estimates for 2020 in general point to more than one-fifth of the US population using ad blockers.  Simultaneously, 60% of surveyed voters said that mail made them a more informed voter!

Quote of the Day: Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future. - John F. Kennedy

Targeting the Party Loyal

In general, voter decisions sway according to party affiliation.  Politicians, political operatives, and PACs all face challenges to inspire the 'party loyal' to get behind the candidates and cast their vote in the primary's and, ultimately, the general election, which is where we find ourselves today.

Candidates and their campaigns have the opportunity to take advantage of voter registration data lists to identify which voters are registered with their party.  As a result, voter registration data can be used via Variable Digital Printing technology to send political mail pieces reminding party loyalists to vote and further, requesting them to spread the word to friends, family, and colleagues.  With more than 60% of surveyed voters stating that mail made them a more informed voter, receiving mail during an election year might be akin to giving milk to a baby.  All voters have come to expect it.

Instinct Driven Voters

Instinct Driven voters make voting decisions based on intuition.  The key to attracting these voters is to deliver the right message at the right time.  The opportunity for correctly targeting instinct-driven voter block depends on campaign data that can reach and precisely influence an intuitive voter.  Further, new constituents can be mobilized by leveraging first-party data to reveal key psychographic information about the campaign's supporters.  In addition, this information provides a method for creating multiple look-alike lists, which can then be customized with targeted direct mail messages that will appeal to new voters.

The Efficient Evaluator

The Efficient Evaluator is a voter that allows his or her emotions to dictate their decision making.  Political campaigns will have their work cut out to reach this voter who expects authentic messaging that they can connect to on a much deeper level.  In this case, the campaign opportunity revolves around creating messages that genuinely resonates with this voter group.  When executed correctly, voters are motivated to click a link or share a post.  For example, by driving this voter group to a campaign or candidate's website, besides sharing content, the campaign can request names, zip codes, and other personal information with a short form on a specific landing page. Further, the resulting data can then be utilized to uncover key demographics.  The demographics can serve as the basis for creating a targeted mailing list for the areas with the highest number of respondents.

The Speed and Volume

When we look at the information accessed across multiple channels, the speed, unprecedented volume, and various devices have brought about digital fatigue. According to a recent survey by Prezi, due to this fatigue, "49% of people admit they've become more selective about the content they consume."  Digital fatigue results in voters looking for a more personalized connection.  Consequently, it is now more important than ever for political marketers to consider how campaign messages are sent to constituents.

The Lift of Direct Mail Campaigns

According to Markle Research, organizations that utilize direct mail campaigns and one or more digital channels experience a 118% lift in response rates.  According to a Digital Direct report, the lift of direct mail campaigns, when paired with retargeting capabilities, can realize a return on marketing investment as high as 300%. In other words, marketers who utilize direct mail with digital always have the upper hand when breaking through the clutter and driving improved response rates.

The Net-Net

We are in the last marketing throes of the political year.  In this profoundly energized political landscape, rapidly counting down to election day, the time to throw everything to motivate the electorate is now.  Sometimes just a few votes, either way, can swing a precinct, district, or state.  Getting those last-minute voters to make a decision and vote will be critical to all political outcomes, including candidates, activists, and policy items on the ballot.  We contend that using direct mail marketing in the final push can make all the difference.  The time to invest in direct mail marketing is now.  We can help you achieve that task efficiently and economically.  Thanks for reading Direct Mail & The State of The Electorate!

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