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Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Staying Ahead of the Social Media Curve," highlights new social media channels that early adopters can take advantage of today. In the majority of cases, businesses that take the early adopter approach tend to reap huge benefits out of the gate, particularly when it comes to marketing. For one, the user base is still ramping up, and two, the amount of content is considerably less at the outset, giving your content a higher chance to be seen.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn continue to hold iconic status, while other social media channels languish to build brand equity. New social media channels come into view regularly, and only a few actually rise to any degree of prominence. That said, the following social media channels are ones to watch and could be an excellent addition for any social marketing initiative.


According to research firm Sensor Tower, TikTok was the fourth most downloaded app in 2018. You may remember Vine, the 6-second video channel that was all the rage several years ago. Well, in some respects, TikTok offers a similar footprint, in that short-form videos can play on a loop. TikTok videos also have AR filtering, musical overlays, fun effects, and more.

Brands looking to target the 16-24 year-olds should find TikTok to be a sweet-spot for this demographic. Recall that Facebook initially began by targeting 18-24 college students. As in the early days of Facebook, executives may not view TikTok as a useful business platform. Currently, TikTok is undergoing similar projections with quirky kids lip-syncing and having fun. However, TikTok is recommended for brands targeting and promoting e-commerce and fashionista type brands who may want to work with influencers.


Facebook is obviously concerned about the rise of TikTok and to protect its turf has entered the fray, with Lasso. Lasso is Facebook's version of TikTok, as both Lasso and TikTok users enjoy similar functionality by creating and sharing short videos with filters and special effects. Since Lasso is a Facebook property, users can log in with either Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Lasso users can also cross-post videos to Facebook Stories. While Lasso does not appear to challenge TikTok, the market leader, brands can expect updates to the app, such as the ability to add Lasso videos to Instagram Stories. Social media pundits forecast that Lasso could rise in popularity, and should TikTok appeal to your brand, you may want to monitor Lasso for the near future.


A cryptocurrency STEEM platform enters the social media landscape, whereby Steemit users receive rewards for posting blog entries. Steemit is basically block-chain blogging, and a social media site focused on creating and curating content. This is how it works: Users create content that can get 'upvoted,' which is when they get paid. Users can also upvote the content of other users, where both the creator and the up-voters receive re-numeration.

"Digital STEEM cryptocurrency tokens can then be exchanged for real money."

Some have compared Steemit to Reddit, as an alternative with a focus on cryptocurrency. Others have stated that technology topics are the focus of Steemit. Steemit users can create a wide variety of content types, such as sports, music, travel, and photography. Steemit allows brands and marketers to add the channel to their mix, share content in a new arena, grow their audiences and get paid at the same time. This may become a monetized platform to keep an eye on.


No ads, no data mining, and no algorithms! How's that for brand and marketing appeal? Social media experts are touting Vero as the alternative to Instagram. Vero users can share their content, such as music, photos, TV shows, movies, links, books, and more. Vero also provides users with the ability to select who can view each post, divided into four categories; followers, close friends, friends, and acquaintances.

Even though Vero contains no ads, brands and marketers can work with influencers on the channels, and also can buy and add a "Buy Now" button to posts. Brands looking to establish more authentic and meaningful relationships with their audiences should give Vero a look. In the absence of ads and algorithms, Vero is considered the more authentic social media platform. Vero's range of content and lack of advertisements may make it an unencumbered alternative where brands can learn more about authentic users.


Former Apple designers created this social broadcasting platform that is similar to Twitch. The Caffiene platform focuses on entertainment, gaming, and creative arts. Live broadcasts can be created for friends or followers, and viewers can interact with the creators in real-time, complete with comments and emoji reactions. Livestream has recently stated that 80% of consumers prefer watching a live video from brands as opposed to reading a blog. Live video broadcasting will only grow in the future.

Caffiene's platform is ideal for generating increased brand awareness, complete with interaction capability. This platform goes beyond gaming enthusiasts. Brands can host live Q&As, product demos, company location tours, and other creative video applications.

The Net-Net

Technology and time share a common trait. Both continue to move forward. It can be disheartening to learn that you have to master a new set of social media platforms, while the iconic social media channels continue to evolve. That is the state of marketing today. In constant evolution and thanks to data mining, so are behavioral habits. The speed and level of development require all brands and marketers to stay in a continuous evolutionary state of mind. As a general rule, the brands that get to market first generally set the pace to win. Therefore, brands that are early adopters, and take risks and leaps of faith into unprecedented marketing arenas, stand a better chance of owning that space. Thanks for reading, "Staying Ahead of the Social Media Curve."

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Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog, “Social Medi...
Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog, “Making Your...

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