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Why Direct Mail Packs "THE" Marketing Punch


​Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Why Direct Mail Packs "THE" Marketing Punch," reexamines the state of direct mail as a smart marketing choice in the age of COVID.  In addition, we shed light on how to create an impactful direct mail marketing campaign, examine why direct mail marketing continues to be effective, and review overall 2020 print industry trends.  While that may sound like a lot to digest, we've placed those subjects in an easy to locate list, that we believe rounds out the 2020 year in a nutshell.  We also recognize that direct mail marketing contains many details that would be far too long to publish in a single post; however, the four articles explain why direct mail overall is one of the most effective marketing strategies.  Keep in mind that digital marketing also benefits from direct mail marketing by driving response rates.  The higher response rates are due in part to recipients reading and acting upon direct mail within the first 30 minutes of receipt.

Quote of the Day: "As a trusted institution with brick-and-mortar facilities in every corner of the United States, our public Postal Service is uniquely positioned to serve as a communications, finance, and service hub for the 21st century. 
- Marcia Fudge

Why Direct Marketing is Still Effective

The overall effectiveness of direct mail marketing continues to be a force in the coronavirus age and the age of all things digital.  For the past few years, direct mail marketing has enjoyed a resurgence.  It turns out that people, especially Millennials and Boomers, like to experience tangible objects.  They prefer a personalized experience. And they crave the truth.

While we can't guarantee that every direct mail offer is legitimate, we can say that any offer that lands in a mailbox and has the recipient's name on the envelope will likely get the recipient's attention.  Further, they will likely open the envelope and read the information.  That's a powerful statement in an otherwise crowded marketplace. Read the Full Article

Coronavirus Makes It Smart to Mail

If you are experiencing marketing issues resulting from COVID-19, rest assured that you are not alone.  This unprecedented global health crisis has impacted everyone.  However, as history has shown, we will get through this together.  We always have.  We always will.  To the extent that we must continue to practice CDC safety guidelines, it is smart to use mail and avoid face-to-face gatherings.  It may be our best and only way through this until a vaccine is available.

Meanwhile, you should know that we are here for you, our employees, customers, partners, and vendors.  We are most grateful for all who are working tirelessly to provide medical attention, essential services, news and information, and government services.  We are in your debt, and we look forward to continuing to provide the best-in-class solutions and services that help strengthen all marketing initiatives.  Read the Full Article

How To Create Impactful Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

You probably hear stories that say direct mail is expensive. I t may be, however, it is also cost-effective.  To that extent, it is crucial that you create meaningful campaigns. This post outlines a step-by-step process that explains all you need to create an impactful direct mail marketing campaign.  You will enjoy increased response rates and higher ROIs increase when executing a well-crafted direct mail marketing campaign.  Recipients who receive relevant printed collateral in effect are receiving a worthy, if not desirable, offer.

On the other hand, there is a difference between direct mail and junk mail.  Junk mail typically fails to contain crucial customer data that will engage, resonate, and elicit a response.  Don't miss the opportunity to analyze your campaigns with this step-by-step guide. Read the Full Article

Print Industry Trends On the Rise

In the age of all things digital, the printing industry has been quietly evolving with technological advancements that may have gone unnoticed.  However, it should come as no surprise that in 2020, printing technological advancements have proven to be in full swing, driven in part by security, sustainability, and print on demand, among others.  Before committing to using direct mail tactics, you should understand why these trends are rising and how competitors utilize it. Read the Full Article

The Net-Net

The age of COVID continues to evolve. We see increasing rates worldwide, with the United States now experiencing spikes in all 50 states. Pre-eminent vaccine and epidemiology experts warn that a vaccine may not be widely available until late 2021 if all trials go smoothly. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Businesses and lifestyle experts are pushing the envelope to accomplish what works to achieve a sense of normalcy.  We invite you to read these short articles as you will gain a better understanding of direct mail, its place in the marketing tier of mediums, and why it produces the highest engagement and response rates.

On another note, we must offer our heartfelt thanks to our first responders, medical teams, virologists, vaccine experts, and all those combating this disease, both here and abroad.  We, too, are saddened by the number of lives lost.  To the families who know someone that has been lost to COVID-19, we offer our sincere condolences.  As we move forward, we look forward to a new day's dawning that follows the darkest days.  After more than 32 years in this business, we can say that our people are ready.  Our nation is strong.  We will arise stronger than before.  Thank you for reading Why Direct Mail Packs "THE" Marketing Punch!

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