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Why TransPromo Marketing Should be Included


Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Why TransPromo Marketing Should be Included," revisits key benefits marketers, brands, and other organizations realize whenever TransPromotional marketing strategies are part of the marketing mix.  The current recovering economy and the lingering effects of the pandemic spur discussions that focus on the challenges and opportunities for sectors that employ direct mail marketing.  As we have learned in recent years, direct mail marketing requires relevancy coupled with cost-savings solutions to be effective.  TransPromo communications represent intelligent leveraging of transactional documents that can influence customer behavior and grow incremental sales.  TransPromo marketing also benefits consumers in a variety of measures.  These benefits include educational content, loyalty programs, increased customer satisfaction, and exclusive cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.  TransPromo can deliver outstanding benefits that can create a customer-centric strategic advantage, particularly in today's challenging environment. 

Our Quote of the Day:  "Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that."
  – Anthony Volodkin, Founder, Hype Machine.

TransPromo Improves Margins

All business models include strategies, tactics, and tools to improve performance, processes, and overall customer satisfaction.  When conducting a S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), the direct mail marketing piece is the cornerstone that makes TransPromo marketing effective, more so than any other print or broadcast medium.

A principal benefit of TransPromo communications is that it targets current customers who receive the mailers. Current customers represent a two-fold opportunity whereby brands can grow revenue and increase margins. According to InfoTrends, TransPromo mail delivers the number one open ability rate that exceeds 95 percent! Meanwhile, personalized, unsolicited direct mail garners a 48 percent open ability rate. 

TransPromo and transactional mail are far more efficient when the brand speaks to current customers because current customers read literature from brands they know and trust.  In addition, recent advances support embedding messages within the transactional document or statement, eliminating the need to print generic inserts, which recipients often discard.  Another benefit of TransPromo marketing is the ability to increase profitability from the current customer base significantly.  It also allows for improving and building existing customer relationships versus incurring acquisition expenditures for new customers.

Further, marketers can utilize known customer demographics and psychographics to create targeted messaging that is relevant.  Relevant messages increase the probability that premium or luxury products and services will be more readily acceptable to those who have experience with the brand, purchasing power, and an interest in buying.

Tracking and Measuring TransPromo Results

The online world often boasts about its ability to track responses, engagement levels, and purchasing habits.  Digital nomads say this is what separates the online world from all things non-digital.  However, advanced technologies in the digital world, which print also utilizes through V.D.P. and digital printing output, place printing squarely in the marketing mix.  As a result of these technological advancements, marketers can track and measure TransPromo results.  For example, campaigns can now have unique codes and subsequent links designed to amass precise one-to-one data.  As well, personalization is one-to-one communication, and responses to C.T.A.s can be tracked and measured. 

As customers arrive at various touchpoints along the purchasing journey, key codes are captured, delivering campaign metrics and analytics.  Commonly referred to as behavioral data, this valuable information opens the door to high-performance data points for future campaigns.  Marketers can also use Q.R. codes.  This two-dimensional, quick response barcode can store data and provide quick links for PURLs and URLs.  Today's cell phones and tablets can correctly scan Q.R. codes.  Q.R. Codes also support coupon redemption, response data, and the customer can activate any specific offer or C.T.A.

TransPromo is More Cost-Effective 

TransPromo documents are now an essential aspect of the customer experience.  When a transactional or TransPromo document accurately targets and executes, the resulting response should generate a command action. Therefore, marketers can address current business while offering promotional opportunities.  It's almost a no-brainer to leverage the existing customer set to deliver on the investment, which will yield a higher R.O.I.  From a cost perspective, several research organizations allude to the fact that most direct mail costs, on average, about 75%, go to postage.  However, by engaging a professional mail shop, brands can significantly reduce TransPromo postage and handling costs.

The Net-Net

As we surge ahead in the business and marketing world, marketing will continue to lead consumers back to the brands they love during this challenging period.  Brands and marketers are continuously looking for avenues that increase revenue streams and tools to achieve improved R.O.I.s.  TransPromo and transactional document marketing should be a significant consideration in the quest to achieve these goals.  TransPromo marketing delivers outstanding benefits that can create a customer-centric strategic advantage, particularly in today's challenging environment.  Thanks for reading "Why TransPromo Marketing Should be Included."

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