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Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Why B2B Should Use Trade Publications," takes a look at the benefits of physical trade publications as it relates to the B2B sector. We all know that digital marketing is growing at a phenomenal pace. However, as more companies use digital platforms to promote and publish content, they face a double-edged sword.

People enjoy and rely on having instant access to information through a smartphone or computer. However, instant access is moving the digital needle, so much so that it is becoming harder and harder for organizations to cut through the clutter and generate engagement from prospects.

It is without a doubt that in 2019, the digital ocean is overflowing. Not long ago, the digital space was considered by many to be the most innovative platform to conduct marketing tactics, and businesses rushed to invest. Consider now that there are over 3 million blog posts published daily (that's 90 million monthly) and over 293 billion emails sent daily (that's 8.8 trillion monthly). Marketers and brands continue to grapple with the humongous size of the digital landscape. Getting noticed in an ever-growing digital sea of customers and prospects is challenging. Now more than ever, all sectors, and most notably B2B, need to rethink their marketing strategies and tactics. In this day and age, all marketing efforts should be a mixture.

Social Media Misnomers

Brands and marketers realize that being seen, liked, or loved on a social media channel and, more specifically, on a post, may fail to generate enough conversion rates based on visits. Currently, social media engagement rates are running near .071%. When it comes to likes versus visits, brands should look for visits. As people, who visit the website want to engage and the brand has a chance to increase its conversion rates. Therefore, brands should prefer website visits to likes.

Social media does have the ability to grow website traffic if the marketing plan and execution is consistent. However, social content must also resonate with prospects and deliver the information users seek. Regardless, when it comes to offering a sensory experience, social media is less effective than other mediums. The elegant pages of a magazine or the brushstrokes of a painting can produce a tactile quality. Like the sensory experience that brick and mortar shoppers enjoy when they see, feel, and touch products. This is why the retail model has always been "put the product in the hands of the shopper." One can debate whether that is necessary in an online world. Or, if B2B products are less about sensory and more about the result. Regardless, when it comes to B2B, print trade publications offer a tactile, sensory experience.

Digital and Print Trade Publications

We all tend to embrace the idea that effective marketing strategies rely on a mix of marketing mediums. In the print industry and other B2B sectors, that same ideology holds. It's a fact that more and more organizations are using digital trade publications, and that usage will continue to grow. It is also essential to understand that in the age of trustworthiness and authenticity, readers are searching for top-rated publications. As more authors and businesses publish digital content, the number one issue becomes trust.

Magazine Readership

The 2018 Mequoda Magazine Consumer Study reported that 42.4% of US adults read, on average, at least one digital magazine per month. However, the report also stated that 63% of US adults actively read print magazines. These numbers suggest that B2B organizations should invest in both print and digital trade magazines.

With so many digital publications emerging on social media platforms, the greatest challenge for readers will be the number of digital trade publications to review. In the real world, folks are busy, overwhelmed, and attention spans are short. Another issue is the number of digital magazine marketplaces that are sprouting up that allow readers to access thousands of magazines in a single hub. Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu that aggregate programming. This may be a sign of things to come and how we may consume magazines in the future. In the meantime, if B2B wants to breakthrough digital clutter, nothing can compete with a product that is in the hands of the decision-maker.

The Net-Net

B2B trade publications represent an area that connects with targeted recipients. In a digital world, hardcopy is a differentiator, and efficiencies are realized when you repurpose content across multiple mediums. By having a B2B trade publication in print, 63% of US adults become targeted reader recipients. That's a number that can't be ignored even if 42.4% of US adults access the content online. Thanks for reading, "Why B2B Should Use Trade Publications."

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